Hair Extensions

Q Are your Hair Extensions made from 100% Human Hair?
Q How many Easy Loops/I-Tipps will I need?
Q Will Easy Loops & I-Tipps cause damage to my natural hair?
Q What is the difference between Easy Loops and I-Tipps? Which ones should I buy?
Q How do I care for my Hair Extensions?
Q How long will my Easy Loops/I-Tipps last?
Q How long will my Clip In Extensions last?
Q Can I colour my Hair Extensions?
Q Can I style my Hair Extensions in any way I wish?
Q Can I reuse my Easy Loops/I-Tipp Hair Extensions?
Q Do you mix and match colours in your Clip In Sets?
Q Can I purchase more than one colour when I purchase 100 or more Easy Loops or I-Tipps?
Q Can I exchange my Hair Extensions if they are the wrong colour?